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BNB Greenfield Mainnet

Prices are updated monthly: 2024.06 (UTC+00:00)

Total Storage Size

What's your estimated Storage Size?


= 0 BNB/month


Monthly Download Quota

How much network traffic will cost for your download and view activities within one month?


= 0 BNB/month


Storage Time

* Storage fees for at least 6 months must be paid even if you store for less than 6 months.

Estimated Total Cost

0 BNB/month

Storage fee

0 GB/month


6 Months



Download fee

0 GB/month


6 Months



*1 month=30 day

BNB Greenfield Pricing

Jun 1 - 30, 2024

Global prices will update monthly based on all the SPs' suggested prices. Learn More

Global Storage Price

0.00004005 BNB/GB/month

Global Download Quota Price

0.00015672 BNB/GB/month

Free Quota

Each bucket offers a one-time and monthly free quota from the chosen SP.

Storage Provider

Free monthly quota

Free quota (one-time)


Billing Formula

In Greenfield, Besides transaction fee, users are required to pay two kinds of storage service fees: storage fee and download quota fee. These storage service fees are charged by Storage Providers (SPs) in a steam payment. Users need to prelock an amount of storage service fee when they start using the service.
Billing Formula
Storage Fee
Fee = sum(ChargedSize) * (PrimaryStorePrice + SecondaryStorePrice*SecondarySPNumber) * (1+Validator Tax Rate) * ReserveTime
ReserveTime = 180
Validator Tax Rate = 1%
ChargeSize ≥ Total Storage Size (For data object smaller than 128K, it will be charged as 128K)
Download Quota Fee
Fee = ChargedReadQuota * ReadPrice * (1 + Validator Tax Rate) * ReserveTime
What is Charged Size?
In general, charge size is slightly larger than the real storage size.
ChargeSize is calculated from the object's payload size, if the payload size is less than 128k then ChargeSize is 128k, otherwise ChargeSize is equal to payload size.
If Data Size < 128K, ChargedSize = 128K; else, ChargedSize = Data Size
If object is an empty folder, ChargedSize = 128K
What is Primary/Secondary Store Price?
Every SP can set their own suggested store price and read price via on-chain transactions. At the first block of each month, the median all SPs' store prices will be calculated as the Primary SP Store Price, the Secondary SP Store Price will be calculated as a proportion of the Primary SP Store Price (e.g. 12%, which can be governed), and the median of all SPs' read prices will be calculated as the Primary SP Read Price. To learn more about it, please refer to https://github.com/bnb-chain/greenfield/blob/master/docs/modules/billing-and-payment.md#storage-fee-price-and-adjustment.
What is Validator Tax Rate?
For each data related operation on Greenfield, validators can get some rewards for protecting the security and integrity of data (i.e. challenge). Through charging validator tax, part of user's cost will go to validator tax pool, and then become validators' rewards.
What is Download Quota?
Each download operation will consume Download Quota, which is related to the data object's size.
For each bucket, you are granted a free, one-time download quota from the storage provider you have chosen. You can find in the above sector how much free quota each storage provider gives.
You can upgrade your bucket monthly quota to get more download quota. After your free quota is used out, Greenfield will start to use the download quota you bought. If your purchased monthly download quota does not use out before the end of the month, your monthly quota will be expired.
What is Read Price?
A storage provider can update its free read quote, suggested primary store price and read price. All SPs' suggested primary store and read prices will be used to generate the global primary/secondary store price and read price.
What is Reserve Time?
The storage fee will be charged on Greenfield in a steam payment style. The fees are paid on Greenfield in the style of "Stream" from users to receiver accounts at a constant rate. By reseveing some balance, users do not need to payment the fee in a very high frequency. Currently, the reserve time is 6 months and it can be governed.

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